“There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it.” Sheryl Feldman

“Call it “womb awe” or even “womb worship” but it’s not simple envy. I don’t remember even wanting to be a woman. But each of the three times I have been present at the birth of one of my children, I have been overwhelmed by a sense of reverence… It was quite suddenly, the first day of creation; the Goddess giving birth to a world… Like men since the beginning of time I wondered: What can I ever create that will equal the magnificence of this new life?”–Sam Keen

“In the hospital, our first two daughters were whisked away seconds after they were born to be washed and weighed.  Our midwife placed our daughter on my wife’s chest, where she stayed for awhile, perfectly pink and clean.  The rest could wait.” –author unknown

“I was one of those first-time moms whose labor went on for days and pushing stage went on for hours.  I remember lying sideways in my bath, feeling very discouraged after laboring through the night and not getting anywhere. My midwife looked me in the eyes and said…your body is not a machine that must produce within a certain amount of time.  I believe you are going to have a beautiful birth in your own time…and she was right.  I know that, had I been in the hospital, my precious one would have been delivered instrumentally or via Cesarean section.  Instead, a peaceful baby and a powerful mother were born in my living room…no intervention, no time constraints, just love, trust, and incredibly hard work.” –author unknown

“Unfortunately, the role of obstetrics has never been to help women give birth. There is a big difference between the medical discipline we call “obstetrics’ and something completely different, the art of midwifery. If we want to find safe alternatives to obstetrics, we must rediscover midwifery. To rediscover midwifery is the same as giving back childbirth to women. And imagine the future if surgical teams were at the service of the midwives and the women instead of controlling them.” Michel Odent, MD

“The best way to avoid a cesarean is to stay out of the hospital.” Brooke Sanders Purves


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