from the heart…

Thank you for visiting our site!  This is our Wise Womb Wishes Fund.  We wish to have a homebirth experience for our first (and possibly only) baby.  Currently, the costs exceed our financial abilities.  We are asking for small donations from friends –you know, the cost of a cappuccino or latte –to help us to cover a small portion of our midwife expenses.   Most midwives are not covered under medicaid, and we have found someone that we would truly like to work with, (and who is already offering a generous sliding scale).   We aren’t asking for much, $300 – 500.  Anything we receive over this amount will go to another woman who wishes to have a homebirth experience.  Ideally, we’d like to see the Wise Womb Wishes fund grow to serve women beyond us…So that is our hope.  You’ll spend a little time on our pages, maybe share a birth story of your own, and donate to a good cause.  It should not be a privilege to give birth at home.

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